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Math quotes that either motivated Lee Fothergill or were created by Lee Fothergill

Teach Math

Math is not about numbers or the right answer.

Math is about discovery and exploring different ways of thinking.

Its about teaching your students that they can solve anything.

And giving them the tools to make it possible.

Mathematics explains EVERYTHING.

Numbers are a door to understanding a mystery that’s bigger than us.


If you ask 2 mathematicians 1 question, you will receive 3 solutions.

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Create memories!!!

Other than your first car or your first house or maybe even your first cellphone… Memories aren’t about having the biggest and best “things”, its about DOING great things!

Do something great today… Create a memory!

Liberal Arts Education – Mathematics

Employers are not looking to hire robots.

They are looking for Problem Solvers.

They are not looking for people who have been trained to execute a few technical tasks with ruthless efficiency.

They are not looking for people who have mastered a single skill set or a single technology.

These things will be obsolete tomorrow.

They are looking for people, real people, that can think.

People who can adapt, people who ask why, people who are curious about everything.

People, who have a life experiences and are interesting, and constantly expanding to take in new information, new ideas, new possibilities.

Mathematicians are problem solvers.

Smart People = Great Math Teachers?

Don’t be impressed with how much you feel your professor understands; be impressed with how much understanding that your professor can impart to you.


August is the Sunday of Summer

Lee Fothergill – Math

I am going to start to post Math Quotes.  Sometimes funny.  Sometimes motivational.

Here is my first –

I watch HGTV, and it 30 minutes the person can fix a sink and put in a new faucet.  I try to do it in the same amount of time and it takes me all day.  Frustration!

This is the same feeling students sometimes have when they are trying a math problem.

We as teachers are the experts, its our job to make the “math” look “easy”… in the same way the person on the expert that installs a sink makes it look easy.

In a class we can complete a few problems, and then when students try it on their own they have the same frustration.

It takes time and practice to get good in mathematics… understand the frustration…

Motive your students to keep trying, motivate them to try to “install the sink on their own..”

Work in progress… 🙂

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